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        Things You Need To Know

  1. This is NOT a Design Contest, rather an Exposition of Design Works by Bangladeshi Designers
  2. The sole objective of this Exposition is to discover our designers from different fraternities and give them a platform where they can exhibit and explain their works, and their thought processes behind their creations
  3. Submissions can only be made in the form of a 1-Minute Video of PDF Format (10 slides maximum). A submission shouldn’t weigh more than 10 MB
  4. In the submission, the designer is expected to describe his/her design-creation touching upon the issues like: Purpose behind the Design, Thought Process, Model/Sketch/Drawing of the design-creation, Material Used, Final Product. Please watch the Demos (Video & PDF) before uploading any submission
  5. A panel of curators formed with distinguished design thinkers & practitioners will go through the submissions and single out the ones which they think should be exhibited in public and appreciated by all
  6. There will be NO reward either in form of cash/kinds for any submission or exhibited design work. Designers nominated for exposition will receive Certificates of Appreciation from the panel of curators
  7. Prokash will make all the arrangements for the exposition including venue, branding and everything in between. Nominated designers will be asked to be present during then to introduce and explain their works to the distinguished visitors
  8. Before showcasing, designers of selected works will be asked to sign disclaimer forms to attest that their works are original and they hold the moral rights to claim their works
  9. Works that are copied/downloaded/plagiarized stand no chance to enter the selection process. Legal steps might be taken against any such submissions
  10. This year’s exposition is expected  to be held on Mid-August, 2019
  11. For further details/assistance, please call ………………… or write to us at