Got to ask us something?

Every resident and non-resident Bangladeshi can submit his/her work design, provided he/she adheres to our rules for submission

Not at all. You should only submit work that you have done before. We discourage you not to start designing anything new only to participate in this year’s exposition

Only via this website. Please go to our ‘Submissions’ page, watch the ‘Demos’ and read the Rules written over there. For further clarification, you are welcome to contact us through Email or Phone.

It’s all COMPLIMENTARY for you. We only intend to see your work being exhibited and talked about receiving appreciations from all quarters.

We firmly believe, encouragement & exposure is all that a talent needs most. Because in our context this is what that is miserably missing. We would like to establish a link among designers, design enthusiasts and stakeholders thanks to this initiative.

No. You hold the moral right of your creation and you are sole custodian of your work.